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Sadly, we have decided not to open this year (2021). The set up costs and the time it takes to get match ready, means we would at best, only have August onwards to recoup the outlay. With that in mind we have decided to play it safe and set up next year when we have a longer run in and a full season ahead of us. From all of us at Treerunners, apologies to all those with birthday parties this Summer and to the Mum's that have to organise them.

On line bookings must be made at least a day in advance. If you want to come today, then please phone 07775 775 688 after 9.30am to check availability (do not email). If you go to voicemail (engaged), please just try again until you speak to someone. Please note we do not have a card machine. Cash only.

Before you book please ensure you read the RULES and FAQ’s section by clicking here.

Please arrive 15 mins before your allotted training time.
All training slots start on the hour and every half hour. If you miss the start of training then you will miss your slot.
Though adults do not have to go up with kids, if a child is struggling then an adult must pay to go up with them and help them around the course.

Junior course Minimum age 6 yrs AND min height 1.10m.
Adult course Minimum age 10 yrs AND min height 1.40m.

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