Birthdays & Groups

Sadly, we have decided not to open this year (2021). The set up costs and the time it takes to get match ready, means we would at best, only have August onwards to recoup the outlay. With that in mind we have decided to play it safe and set up next year when we have a longer run in and a full season ahead of us. From all of us at Treerunners, apologies to all those with birthday parties this Summer and to the Mum’s that have to organise them.


We don’t exactly do anything different for birthday parties but we’d just like to say if you want to make it special then do please bring a picnic or a BBQ, put up some bunting, sing some songs, the place is yours. All you need to do is simply book as normal. We can take up to 15 every half hour. One last thing, if you are planning to picnic after your session, please book a slot no later than 2.30pm on the Junior course or 1.30pm on the adult course.

How can I book a big group in advance when I do not know numbers?

Just do your best with getting as close as possible to the number. We do have a 48 hour refund policy but please try to give us as much warning as possible of any cancellations so we have time to put the harnesses back into the booking system. If you ask parents to give you a definite answer two weeks before then it would help us all.


Hens, stags or office parties, you can book up to 15 people in one training slot. If you require more than this then simply book in the extra members of the group into the following half hour slot. They can all arrive together but they will be trained in two sessions, one session will start half an hour later. Don’t panic it makes little difference as by the time the first session has all got up into the trees the second session will be finishing their training to join them. Please note that those in the second training session will come down half an hour later.

Birthday parties for 10 year olds!

On average we find that with a group of ten x 10 years olds, two or three will find the Adult course too hard and so will have to be put them on the Junior course (if space available). We would therefore recommend that if you have a large group of ten year olds that you book them on the Junior course as more often than not after training we will have to put some of them on this course anyway. This can rather spoil the day for boys this age. Girls tend to be much more mature and happily take the easier option. If you are happy to risk two of your ten boys being put on the Junior course then please don’t get upset if this happens. We will still give them 2.5 hours but you will not be refunded the difference.