Sadly, we have decided not to open this year (2021). The set up costs and the time it takes to get match ready, means we would at best, only have August onwards to recoup the outlay. With that in mind we have decided to play it safe and set up next year when we have a longer run in and a full season ahead of us. From all of us at Treerunners, apologies to all those with birthday parties this Summer and to the Mum’s that have to organise them.

Yes we do schools, loads of them…

Please note that unless requested we do not supply helmets. If you are a school requiring Hampshire County Council approval, when you book, you will need to email stating that helmets will be required (we have a total of 30). If you do not then we will assume you fall outside this ie a private school or are simply not part of HCC and so helmets will not be provided.

Annual attendees include:

  • St Mary’s Calne (as above)
  • Horris Hill (night-time Treerunning)
  • Farleigh
  • Cheam
  • Rookwood
  • Wellington Academy
  • Marlborough College
  • St Swithun’s
  • Winchester College
  • Sherborne School
  • Downe House
  • Thamesmead Twickenham

…to name a few

To book just go to the booking page. If you require more than 15 places then book the extra places in the following half hour. This will not affect the time they go up as it takes at least 30 minutes (depending on the group) to train 15 students. Those booked in the next half hour will therefore be able to do that little bit more when the first ones finish. Call 07775 775 688 if you would like further information.